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What We Do

TEKOA ANALYTICS LLC was founded in 2017 in central Pennsylvania with the goal of providing quality client technical support and project management in the areas of Technical Consulting for Systems Engineering, Professional Education and Curricula Development, and Systems Analysis Research and Development.

Core Business Areas

Technical Consulting

  • Systems Engineering and Systems Design
  • System Architecting Processes
  • System Requirements Analysis and Development
  • Test Design and Evaluation of Complex Systems
  • Project/Program Management & Engineering Management
  • Technical Documentation Development
  • Quality Control and Quality Engineering Methods & Analysis

Professional Education & Curriculum Development

  • System Simulation and Modeling
  • Systems Architecture Development
  • Requirements Engineering and Verification Processes
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Decision Making Processes for Program Managers
  • Test Design and Evaluation Best Practices
  • Test Data Analysis Methods and Reporting

Systems Analysis Research & Development

Tekoa Analytics LLC is also engaged with contemporary cutting-edge systems engineering and systems analysis research & development in several technical domain areas:

  • Systems Readiness and Maturity Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Graph Theory Mathematics and Network Modeling Applications
  • System Test and Evaluation Methods and Data Analysis
  • Probabilistic Decision Making Methodology

Tekoa Analytics LLC has significant expertise in systems test and evaluation and the application of systems engineering principles to improve systems quality and control outcomes.

We look forward to helping meet your product and research development needs.

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